Our Story

Kevin O'Gilvie & Bleu Coffee Inc.

With roots sewn deep in Jamaican soil, raised by two immigrant parents from Kingston Jamaica, Kevin visited Jamaica every summer ever since he was a young child. Before Kevin would return home, he would always make sure to pack his suitcase full of goodies for his family and friends back in the States. The most prized possession to bring back was Jamaica Blue mountain coffee, which is often called the best coffee in the world.

As Kevin grew older and he continued to travel back and forth from Jamaica, the requests began to grow to the point where he needed to pack multiple suitcases full of Jamaica Blue mountain coffee, multiple times a year, to meet the needs of all his friends and family. The coffee was packaged in shiny gold foil bags, but the issue he found was that the coffee was never roasted to order, and there was never a roast date on the packaging.

In 2016, Kevin decided to partner with farms and local roasters to import Jamaica Blue Mountain green beans to the United States and roast them locally to ensure the freshness of the beans. Though this was a bit of a challenge, having the highest quality coffee at its freshest was of tantamount importance to him.

The name Bleu Coffee came about as a reference to Jamaican Blue mountain coffee which Kevin would always bring back to the States, and the packaging is also a reference to the little gold bags that the coffee was originally packaged in. To this day Jamaican Blue mountain coffee is still the most popular coffee we sell.

Bleu Coffee has evolved to create a unique coffee experience that is twofold – curating the highest quality farm to cup experience from the most sought after coffee regions in the world – and giving back to the lands and community that provide the fertile grounds that are home to our coffee cherries. Portions of Bleu Coffee proceeds are donated back to the Jamaica Blue Mountains community via the Blue Mountain Project, which specializes in facilitating international relationships to improve the region’s health, education and economy.

Bleu Coffee only sells single origin coffee that is roasted to order, providing roasted coffee at peak flavor using the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.

Now, more than four years later, and thanks to the enthusiastic support of many customers, Bleu Coffee has grown to deliver freshly roasted coffee to customers across the U.S., Japan and Korea. We are still united by the simple purpose of getting this superb coffee to everyone who wants it.

May we bring you coffee back from our trip?

The first method of selling coffee we tried was enjoyable but short-lived. Flying to Jamaica multiple times a year and filling suitcases with coffee was limited, and could not guarantee freshness.

This turned out to be a difficult and impractical business model for a number of reasons, and obviously there is only so much coffee you can pack into your suitcase, but it is, more or less, what we are still trying to do.

We work directly with farmers around the world to source the most delicious and sustainable coffees we can find. Then, we roast them locally exacting flavor standards, and serve them to you at peak deliciousness, hopefully alongside good conversation and happy gatherings. We think it’s a privilege to deliver the coffees we love, by farmers we admire, into your home or business.

Who are our people?

Our people are the kindest, most hardworking and talented in the business. We’re an impossibly eclectic group of coffee enthusiasts, artists, designers and all-around dreamers. You can trust us to deliver the finest, freshest and most flavorful coffee into your beautiful life.